How to Manage Cravings when you Quit

Smoking is a dangerous habit that can lead to a number of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke. While many people know about the risks associated with smoking, quitting can be difficult. For those who are struggling to quit smoking,

Help Someone Else

Helping your loved ones learn about the risks & dangers of tobacco can have a significant positive impact on them. While they must make the decision to stop, there are many things you can do to support them.

Tobacco Free USA’s Mission

Working to safeguard American citizens from the risks of tobacco & nicotine.

Staying Tobacco-Free After you Quit

This article discusses the different types of tobacco-treatment medications available and their benefits for quitting smoking. The article also discusses how to resist cravings for tobacco when they occur. – The primary addictive component of tobacco is nicotine. Numerous bodily parts become accustomed

For Healthcare Providers

Giving your patients the facts & education to stop tobacco use before it's too late. To improve their chances of success, find out which of our articles & information you may employ. By striving for a Tobacco-Free USA, the aim is to improve public health and reduce the burden of tobacco-related illnesses and deaths.

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