It's Time to Give Up Tobacco

Congratulations on your decision to leave tobacco & nicotine behind! This is the first step in giving up tobacco. Now that you've taken the crucial decision to stop using tobacco, find out more about the Tobacco Free USA's tools and services, which can help increase your chances of success by two or three times. Using the materials & products provided by Tobacco Free USA's, you can select a quitting strategy that is right for you.

Feel Free Again Initiative

Ready to give up tobacco & nicotine? Find out about the free resources and recommended products that can help you stop tobacco use. You can mix as many of the available tools and services to create your own leave plan.

Top Reasons To Quit Tobacco Today

You may not be aware, but the number of tobacco users is declining. More and more Americans are switching to healthier alternatives in place of tobacco cigarettes.

Giving up tobacco improves health, lengthens life expectancy, lowers risk of 12 different cancers, lowers risk of heart disease, and many more...