Benefits of Quitting Tobacco & Nicotine

After quitting tobacco & nicotine, your body starts to repair.

In 2 Weeks to 3 Months

Your chance of having a heart attack and other life threatening illnesses starts to decline.

In 1 to 9 Months

Your coughing and breathlessness decrease.

In 1 Year

Heart attack risk drops severely.

In 2 to 5 Years

Stroke risk decreases significantly.

In 5 Years

Your chance of cancers are cut in half.

In 10 Years

Your lung cancer risk rate is about half of what it used to be.

In 15 Years

Your risk of developing heart disease has returned to that of a non-nicotine & non-tobacco user.

How Tobacco Affects
Your Body

Tobacco Damages Your Organs

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, gum disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other conditions can all be brought on by tobacco cigarettes. More than 16 million Americans suffer from an illness brought on by tobacco & nicotine based cigarettes.

Tobacco is Very Harmful and Deadly

In the US, tobacco usage is the main factor in deaths that could have been avoided. Each year, it results in more than 480,000 deaths. This equates to about 1 in 5 fatalities, or 1,300 fatalities daily.

  At least 30 people suffer from a major tobacco-related illness for every tobacco smoker who passes away. More than 16 million Americans are thereby afflicted by an illness brought on tobacco & nicotine based cigarette smoking.

Nearly All Cancers Can Be Caused by Smoking Tobacco.

The link between tobacco cigarettes and lung cancer is widely known. In reality, smoking tobacco & nicotine causes 90% of lung cancer fatalities, and lung cancer kills more women each year than breast cancer does.

The chemicals in tobacco cigarette smoke enter your bloodstream through your lungs when you smoke. Because of this, smoking tobacco has been linked to a variety of illnesses, including cancers of the blood, cervix, colon, rectum, esophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, and more. Additionally, smoking tobacco impairs the immune system of the body, making cancer cells more resistant to destruction. Consider this: 1 in 3 cancer deaths in the United States would not occur if no one smoked tobacco.

What Effects Smoking Tobacco Has on Your Health

  • Smoking tobacco increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and can make it more difficult to manage the disease.
  • Compared to individuals without HIV, those with HIV are more likely to experience the negative effects of smoking tobacco.
  • Smoking tobacco products can hinder a woman’s ability to conceive and harm the health of the unborn child.
  • Smoking tobacco also raises the risk of developing tuberculosis, several eye conditions, and immune system issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Effects Of Other Types Of Tobacco

  • Chew and dip tobacco, which is smokeless tobacco, can result in pancreatic, esophageal, and oral cancer.
  • There is no safe tobacco cigarette substitute; cigars, cigarillos, and small cigars all contain the same hazardous and carcinogenic substances.
  • Smoking a hookah carries many of the same health dangers as smoking tobacco cigarettes. Several hazardous substances included in hookah tobacco and smoke are known to induce bladder, mouth, and lung cancers.